Is there such a thing as too many leads? I’m not sure, I haven’t reached that level in my business yet, and chances are you haven’t either. You’re a small business owner, so you’re always scouting for more people to connect with and introduce your product or service to. One thing I’ve learned, as a human being (I was going to say entrepreneur here but, I mean, pretty much everyone has caught on to this lesson), is that people love free stuff! That’s why grocery stores line their aisles with free samples for you to taste. They’re not simply giving away samples to be nice. The idea is that you’ll love the sample so much that you’ll buy it. You can use that same technique in your business by providing a freebie.


Are you scratching your head wondering what a freebie is?


In business, a freebie has many names: lead magnet, ethical bribe, opt-in, content upgrade, the list goes on. It’s an irresistible offer made to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. The goal of a freebie is to maximize the number of targeted leads you have for an offer. Better leads equate to better opportunities for a sale.

The key to creating a great freebie is offering an immense amount of value, for free, to your prospect without giving away everything you know. When a prospect downloads your freebie, they enter your marketing funnel. This allows you to understand their needs more clearly and to send them targeted information that will be valuable to them. The more value you provide to them, the more likely they are to think of you/your business/your brand as the industry leader and someone they can trust.

People buy from people they trust.

In short, the more you give, the more attractive your brand will become. The more attractive your brand becomes to an individual prospect, the more likely they are to want more. Automatically giving you the opportunity to close the deal.

You may be thinking, what should I give away? Regardless if you provide products or a service; there is an opportunity for you to create a freebie and start generating more qualified leads. Here’s a list of seven easy-to-create freebies that will help you generate more qualified leads today:

Freebie 1: The Checklist

Checklists are super easy to create. When done right they offer a lot of value to prospects. Your checklist should provide the steps your prospect will need to take to get a specific result. For example, a color expert may provide a checklist targeting another hair stylist that list the steps they will need to master the perfect blonde. Another idea for a checklist are the steps a side-hustler needs to take before quitting her job. Bottom line, your checklist should offer a step-by-step guide for your prospects to achieve the desired result.

Freebie 2: The Worksheet

Worksheets provide an opportunity for your prospects to fill in the blanks to learn a new system or process. Worksheets make learning hands-on for your prospect and are ideal for DIY audiences.

Freebie 3: The Quiz

I for one, am a super fan of online quizzes. Quizzes are a fun way to test your prospects knowledge of a specific topic and to provide more feedback to help them grow. The best part about a quiz, from a marketing standpoint, is that you have the opportunity to understand the wants, needs, and pain points of your prospects. With this data, you can create a better experience for your customers.

Freebie 4: The E-book

E-books are short digital books that you can create to educate your audience. E-books help establish authority and give your audience the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Write your e-book with a solution in mind. What does your audience want to know more about? Your e-book should answer the most common questions your audience has.

Freebie 5: The Webinar

A free webinar also helps establish authority. You can create an entirely free webinar with a general topic and give away very specific tips to educate your prospects. Webinars are great for people who don’t like writing and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Live webinars are fantastic engagement tools; however prerecorded webinars allow you to offer the webinar as soon as your prospect sign-ups.

Freebie 6: The Email Course or Challenge

This is one of my favorite freebies. That’s because an email course gets people in the habit of opening your emails. Create a five-seven day email course that provides your audience with a lesson and an assignment. I wouldn’t exceed seven days, people’s attention span is mighty short these days. At the end of the free course offer an incentive/reward for completion and encourage your audience to share their success online. This call to action not only helps you build relationships but it gets other potential prospects involved. Word of mouth is still the number one marketing technique.

Freebie 7: The Discount Code

The reason I listed the discount code last is because while yes, everybody loves money off, many will sign up for X% off and simply unsubscribe once they use the code. A great way to engage with people who opt-in for a discount code is to offer them exclusive deals continually. For example, Fashion Nova, a popular boutique promoted online by many Insta celebrities, offers deals and discounts weekly to keep their audience (me) from unsubscribing from their list. This method keeps them at the top of minds when their prospects get ready to shop.


Regardless of the service or product you provide, every small business owner should consider creating a freebie to attract more qualified leads.
Out of the seven, what type of freebie do you prefer from a business?
Let me know below.

About Ryan K. Whaley

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